About THA

Aims of the Tasmanian Hemp Association
  • To provide an alternative and profitable cropping option for growers by facilitating the development of an industrial hemp industry in Tasmania

  • To establish, administer and develop state and national lobby groups for interface with government agencies

  • To facilitate knowledge exchange and information dissemination

  • To form a foundation and ongoing commitment for a national Australian industrial hemp association

  • To represent industry interests in matters of quarantine, legislation and other grower, producer and end user issues, providing a strong quality industry voice

  • To adopt a position regarding genetic engineering of hemp crops

  • To increase public awareness of the uses and benefits of industrial hemp based sustainable products

  • To foster a national objective of developing an environmentally and economically sustainable Australian industrial hemp industry, creating markets and healthy competition

  • To form an active and mutually supporting Australia wide network

  • To support the development of new employment opportunities

  • To produce and promote sustainable agriculture and renewable sustainable materials


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