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Affordable Hemp Harvesting Technology from Germany

A German developer is offering a front-mounted attachment for harvesting industrial hemp flowers and stems, separately, in conventionally planted fields. The technology, designed for small and mid-size farms, is modular to expand cutting width.

The machine Henry’s Hemp Harvester, can be driven by a small tractor, has an aluminium frame and rollers for weight reduction, and stainless steel components such as chains and other flower-contacting parts for food- and pharmacy-grade yields.

First Units Are In Production

The first units are now under construction and further orders are now being taken for the technology. The standard double-unit HHHarvester is designed to be efficient for conventionally planted outdoor hemp fields as small as 5 hectares (12.3 acres). Wieker said tests with the machine proved it can harvest 4-5 hectares (9.8-12.3 acres) per day. But the harvesting ensemble is modular, expandable up to six units that proportionally increase the harvest area. Prices range from €40,000 for a single unit with a cutting width of 70 cm (~28 inches) up to €190,000 for a six-unit ensemble that takes a cut of 420 cm (~14 ft). Total weight of each harvesting unit is about 250 kilograms (~550 lbs.)

Honours for the HHHarvester

The HHHarvester, developed by engineer Heinrich Wieker, was named winner of the European Industrial Hemp Association’s “Hemp Product of the Year” competition in June 2020. Wieker also has developed an electrically-driven hemp bud stripper that can be used stationery in a barn or be transported on a trailer for operations in the field. That technology, which was honoured at Expocáñamo, the annual Spanish cannabis expo in 2018, is expected to hit the market later this year.

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