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Updated: Jul 30

AgLive is thrilled to be partnering with the Tasmanian Hemp Association. Australian hemp is among the best in the world and its wide array of uses and low environmental impact make it an important and exciting sector.

Winner of the 2020 Food Logistics Top Green Providers Award, Aglive Group Limited, is Australia’s leading innovator in the Agtech industry providing digital solutions backed by blockchain data storage and encrypted security.

Aglive has partnered with agribusinesses across various sectors including hemp, beef, livestock, seafood, and medicinal cannabis to provide complete transparency along the supply chain. The company is committed to increasing profitability for growers and brands.

The Aglive system allows users to provide important information such as genetics, licences, and certificates that can be linked directly to each product and displayed for customers as you see fit and reported to regulators. Consumers across the world are demanding to know the source of their products.

The team at Aglive is passionate about helping agribusinesses prove premium and genuine quality to their customers. Aglive’s platform enables growers to move away from paperwork, help them earn premium prices, track the life and performance of produce, prove compliance with regulations and lower business risks.

Aglive’s platform is designed to benefit all stakeholders in the hemp industry, including licenced growers, regulators, transporters and retailers through to the end consumer, ensuring only the highest quality Australian hemp products are purchased. Aglive uses three layers of protection to ensure the authenticity, traceability, and provenance of hemp products along the entire supply chain.

The innovative technology displays important labelling information in a free and easy-to-use app by identifying each individual product, providing immutable proof of its certification and quality as well as the story behind the product’s origin, which can be shared directly with customers.

Products are then tracked as they move along the entire supply chain - from production line to store shelf proving the origin, authenticity, and quality of your products. Backed by blockchain technology, fake item IDs are detected and your customers are protected from harmful items that may ruin brand reputation.

In addition to working with the hemp industry, Aglive recently took part in a $10 million medicinal cannabis industry study spearheaded by the NSW Department of Primary Industries, to ensure patients will receive safe doses for treatment.

By digitising compliance and traceability through the elimination of paperwork and data-siloed systems, Australia’s hemp industry has the potential to become a world leader in the production and export of safe, traceable hemp products into global markets.

If you’d like to discuss how Aglive’s innovative digital solutions can assist your brand add value to your products, they would love to hear from you.

Website: https://aglive.com/

Email: sales@aglive.com

Phone: 1300 893 531

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