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Board Member Nomination & Election Process

Our Annual General Meeting is scheduled for Friday 21st August 2020 at 1pm at The Tramsheds in Launceston, and a very important part of these proceedings is our Board Member elections.

While the AGM is open to the public and will be advertised in local print media as per the rules laid out in our Constitution, it should be noted that only members with voting rights - Grower, Corporate and Associate - are able to participate in this election. Of our six current elected Board Members - all of whom serve in a volunteer capacity - five will be standing for their positions again this year, with Terry Memory stepping down from his position as Committee Member after three years of service.

The four members of the Executive - President Tim Schmidt, Vice-President John Heard, Treasurer Daniel Cadart and Secretary Tim Crow - are all running for their current positions for the coming year, with ECS founder Alex Keach standing again as a Committee Member.

At the last Board Meeting in May 2020, the decision was reached to expand the number of Committee Members from two to three for the upcoming year. The increased size of the elected Board is intended to better reflect the varied needs of our fast-growing membership and to create an odd number for more streamlined voting.

We look forward to welcoming two new Board Members to the fold at the conclusion of the next AGM. If you are a current Grower, Corporate or Associate Member of our association, and wish to put your hand up to volunteer as an elected Board Member, you need to have your nomination endorsed by two other current voting members of the THA, a category which excludes our valued Supporter Members. The completed and signed nomination form - which can be found here - must be handed to Executive Officer Andi Lucas prior to 1pm on Friday 21st August before the matter is put to a vote.


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