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Can You Support Us In The Work We Do?

Updated: Jul 1

Please consider becoming an Official Member of the THA for the upcoming Australian financial year. We need support for the work we’re doing to develop the hemp industry across all sectors and hope you can help. The cost to become a Supporter is just AUD$99 per year and you can click here for the application form.

Our association is the peak industry body in Tasmania, proudly representing the majority of licensed growers and other industry stakeholders here on the island, with Tassie farmers currently producing around 80% of the total amount of hemp seed for food in Australia.

The THA has a tough yet winnable battle ahead as we begin more actively lobbying on behalf of Tasmanian farmers and processors for legislative change to allow for whole-of-plant use. We know that our industry is going to continue to develop rapidly over the years ahead, with some analysts projecting that the global hemp market will grow from the estimated value of AUD$6.8 billion in 2019 to AUD$39.4 billion by 2025.

With the effects of COVID-19 impacting all aspects of life and sectors of our society, making sure Tasmania and Australia are part of this economic opportunity is more important than ever. The THA rely on financial support from our membership base so we can continue to fight hard to ensure our farmers and small businesses are not left behind due to laws that fail to reflect current scientific knowledge, business opportunities and community opinion.

At the moment, we are essentially volunteer-run, with the means to employ only one staff member - our Executive Officer Andi Lucas - who works two days per week on these efforts, supporting our elected Board Members who are all volunteers. With your help, we can do so much more, and work much more effectively in playing a role in creating clean, green jobs for regional and rural Tasmanians, and beyond.

Most critically, we want to ensure that the many useful byproducts of the hemp crops that are already being grown in our state are not wasted in the years ahead. At the current time, hemp straw (which has zero drug value) is a waste product that is being burned off after the seed has been harvested rather than used for other products like building materials and garden mulch. Changing this situation is an achievable short-term goal, especially with the X-Hemp project that the THA is supporting getting started this year, so we hope you are willing to come on board to help us in this mission.

If you wish to proceed and would like to join with our growing base of supporters, please click here for the THA Membership Application form. Alternatively, if you're not currently in a financial position or keen to become a Supporter Member, we still welcome the opportunity to stay in touch at no cost and will continue to include you in industry updates and notifications of events.

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to contact us by phone - 0499 244 367 - or email info@TasmanianHempAssociation.org.au


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