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Hempcrete: The Eco-Friendly Building Material

Builder Andrias McMahon is building a hemp home in northern Tasmania

Photo and article credit: Laurissa Smith - ABC Rural

While the foundation of our Association will always be our Grower Members, an increasing number of the THA’s subscribers, Supporter and Associate Members are keen to learn more about utilising hemp fibre, particularly as a building material. This interest is shared by our Operations Manager Andi Lucas who intends to build four small homes from this natural building material over the next year. In her role at the THA, Andi is driving the project for the purchase of the first Mobile Hemp Processing Unit (MHPU) so hemp straw that is currently being burned by our grower’s post-seed harvest can be turned into the hurd used for hempcrete building. There are several passionate and experienced builders and designers already working with hempcrete in Tasmania. You can read more about one of these individuals here.


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