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New Applications Using Hemp As A Building Material

There are many ways hemp can be used as a building material.

Tasmania's WIN News recently covered a story about the use of a product called IsoHemp hemp block - sourced from a Western Australian business KOSP Construction Resources - being used in a local build (see video here).

KOSP describe the product as "...a non-load-bearing glued masonry product designed for the production of healthy and natural insulating envelopes, partition walls and counter-partitions.Very versatile, it is highly appreciated by professionals for both new construction and renovations, whether they are single-family, collective or tertiary projects. The IsoHemp hemp block is particularly suitable for the construction of residential houses , the doubling of existing walls from the inside or from the outside, as well as industrial partitioning and apartments. It allows you to achieve low-energy, very low-energy and passive house standards. They are technically approved and have all the necessary certifications in compliance with current European regulations".

You can read more about this company, their work and available natural building materials here.

* Disclaimer: the THA is not affliated in any way with businesses profiled or involved in product reviews or certification.


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