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NZ Virtual iHemp Webinars

Our good mates across the water at the NZ Hemp Industries Association Inc (NZHIA) welcome THA newsletter subscribers to a series of eleven, 1-hour webinars throughout July 2020. While not everything is applicable in an Aussie context, there is certainly much to learn from our Kiwi cousins experience.

According to the NZHIA, "...these webinars will provide a fascinating insight into the emerging hemp industry as alternate land use, to produce raw material for manufacturing and a potentiality massive export earner, all while creating investment and jobs in the regions.

For more information on the program and to learn more about this exciting new industry visit https://nzhia.com/events/ihemp-webinar-2020/

Who should attend?

– Business leaders and owners who need to hear why hemp must become part of their sustainable business plans;

– Government, CRI’s and the R&D community to learn about the exciting potential of hemp and why they need to be involved;

– Consumers and the general public wanting to know more.

Why should you attend?

– To raise your awareness of how this amazing plant will help regional development and create a new multi-billion dollar industry for Aotearoa/New Zealand.

What will you get?

– Each webinar is made up of three presentations with a panel discussion and a big chunk of Q&A.


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