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Update from our President - July 2020

Tasmanian Hemp Association President Tim Schmidt writes:

"While not much is currently going on in the paddock, there are lots of plans being put into place for the upcoming season and year ahead. There continues to be a significant investment made into the Tasmanian hemp industry which should encourage growers with the confidence that our industry is going forward on a solid and sustainable basis.

We have learnt that there is solid, albeit modest growth in the domestic hemp market demand. Processing and distribution companies are continuing to innovate with their product ranges and are presenting to consumers top quality Tasmanian hemp products. This augurs well for the coming season and it’s encouraging to see that a number of growers have already signed up for the new season.

A perennial concern for growers has been the issue of timely payments from the contracting companies. There is certainly room for improvement in this part of the industry process, and the Association continues to monitor the issue on behalf of the growers. One key way the THA are doing this is through events like the Top Crop Awards on Friday 21st August where Grower Members can engage in a closed-door session with expert agronomists and the Contracting Parties to ensure there is clear dialogue on these matters.

The National Variety Trial (NVT) project supported by Agrifutures is still a work in progress. Agrifutures is very much committed to the hemp industry and are determined to ensure their investment in the industry is effective and sustainable. Additional funding for the project has been adversely affected by the COVID situation, where industry and other agents are hesitant to invest in an uncertain fiscal environment. Agrifutures are looking to continue with trials this season in a cost-effective form which can be ramped up in the following seasons once confidence in the economy returns.

We will keep you posted on the progress on all of the above as the months roll on."

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