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Update on Mobile Hemp Processing Unit

Updated: Jul 1

Three months ago, the THA put together a business case and called for Expressions of Interest for those who might want to invest in the purchase of a Mobile Hemp Processing Unit (MHPU). We’re delighted to confirm the project is proceeding - slowly and steadily - with our Executive Officer Andi Lucas at the helm of a new business named X-Hemp.

X-Hemp Pty Ltd will be the entity that owns the MHPU and has been established to work with our licensed hemp farmers here in Tasmania, value-adding by converting grain stubble into saleable products such as building materials, mulch for landscaping, bast for speciality paper production and hurd for other uses such as animal bedding. While early interest in the project has been strong, the necessary capital to undertake the project is still be raised.

If you want to know more either about the project - in general, or as a potential investment opportunity or to discuss placing a purchase order for products that will be available in early 2021 - you can contact X-Hemp directly via phone or email with any enquiries.

1300 943 677 [1300 XHEMP7]

* Image captured by Andi Lucas at a farm near Cressy in early 2020, showing the grain stubble that is currently being treated as a waste product and will be converted by the MHPU into useable products like hurd for building, mulch, animal bedding and paper products.


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