THA Goals.


  • To provide growers with a collective voice;

  • To facilitate the development of infrastructure in storage, processing and supply chain as the industry develops;

  • Promote the quality of the Tasmanian produced Hemp products to have Tasmanian Hemp recognised as premium product; and

  • Align with strong brands to ensure quality of Tasmanian Hemp is recognised in the market.


THA Strategy.

  • In the 2019/2020 growing season over 1,350ha of hemp crops are in the ground in Tasmania.

  • Growers have seen that Hemp rivals irrigated wheat and barley returns and it can successfully be incorporated into farm crop rotations.

  • THA been successful in securing a state government grant to fund work to further develop the Hemp industry in Tasmania.

  • THA initial focus is food.

  • Completed our 5-year strategic plan. Targeting 8,000 ha of the plantable area by 2022.

  • This target of 8,000 ha will be achieved by facilitating development in four main areas:



  • Improving Farm Returns and Building Grower Confidence in the Hemp Industry:

    • Supporting growers by trialling varieties most suitable to Tasmania and building a strong agronomic network to help focus on improving yields and farm returns; and

    • Giving confidence to growers on the long term commitment and financial stability of counterparties in industry.


  • Industry alignment:

    • Facilitating the alignment of the interests and strategic direction of Tasmanian growers, industry and government.


  • Product provenance:

    • Creating a hemp brand that can be used on Tasmanian produced hemp.




  • Addressing supply chain and processing bottlenecks


  • Marketing and Branding:

    • Promoting the quality of the Tasmanian product; and

    • Facilitating alliances and partnerships in the market for Tasmanian growers with credible brands and channels to market.


Value Statement.

  • THA have over 25 years of collective experience in Hemp – on the THA Board broad cross-section of experience - agronomy and research, growing, supply chain, processing, logistics and marketing of value-added products.

  • Vision for Hemp in Tasmania is our motivation. Focus is on the development of the Hemp industry. Want to see 8,000ha planted by 2022.

  • Commitment to facilitating the development of the Tasmanian Hemp industry. The key priority of HATas is to ensure alignment in the direction of the industry – grower, processor and government.

  • THA is a lobby agent for the required change and a facilitator in the alignment of direction:

  • We will champion local issues to state and national forums; and

  • Seek alignment with the state bodies to ensure that there is a coordinated and structured push of a national agenda for the growth of Hemp markets and allied industries.

  • Here to support Tasmanian growers:

  • Commitment to industry updates. We will provide regular market updates on price; supply; demand and market developments.

  • Provide growers with useful crop growing information and varietal performance in Tasmania;

  • Development and training of a network of agronomists to support growers to continue to improve yields and farm returns;

  • Champion local issues such as mulch. Key is to give paddock back to the farmer as clean as possible so another crop can be planted. Our goal is to have this market regulated by this coming harvest; and

  • Provide confidence to growers that the counterparties that HATas chooses to endorse are financially stable and committed to the long term development of the Hemp industry in Tasmania.

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